The EXAR-1 was developed as the Worlds First SUV, as well as being electric. Pictured here in 1976 is the first model tested by the Federal Government. The automobile industry did not follow till 1995 when Toyota SUV took the same general designs of the EXAR-1, i.e., bumper to roof line and bubbled it up. Of course the SUV developed by Mr. Ramirez is now a staple in the industry. It is interesting to see how members of that same auto industry have claimed the invention as theirs - having occurred years later.
These pictures show that in  1976 most cars were  made up of straight lines, as was the EXAR-1; however, by 1995 Toyota took the design and rounded out the lines. 
As can be seen, news papers around the world were already taking notice of the design.
Of major importance in this photograph, is the fact that the EXAR-1 SUV is the first car in the world with a computer (pictured above) in the passenger compartment. A computer which interacts with the driver in preventing theft, or driving while intoxicated, as well as displaying power and battery information and other functions, with a keypad for access codes.
Below is a sketch created in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation for the EXAR-1, as a passenger safety compartment.
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