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Amectran Corporation
     The following documents show 41 years of struggle to introduce an entirely new concept to the automobile industry and the public – the idea that it would also be electric was not received with  fervor by the automobile industry...rather it was like Preston Tucker's struggle to introduce new technology in 1947.
     There are those who, despite the facts, refuse to accept the empirical proof of Amectran's accomplishments: It is of little importance to these skeptics, as well as those to whom this new technological approach is objectionable and that is to say at least, inconvenient.
     So as you read through the government documents and other bonofides, remember that there are those who will continue to deny the truth...these two quotes should remind us all of why such people exist.

The World's First "REAL"* Electric Automobile
“Man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

And while,

 “Every man is entitled to his own opinion,
No man is entitled to have the facts wrong upon which that opinion is based.”
*For definition of the word "REAL" in this context, please read "Technology Partners" section
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