Ramirez Beaten at Chicago AutoTrade Show by Head of Security ...
Two Mistakes - Plus Two
Coincidence! Right?
The SUV...
Who Did It First?
EXAR-1 Factory License Sold to Canadian Government After Two Year Study and recommended for production by Coopers & Lybrand
Hispanic Business Magazine Article
GM Gets Challenged
Simple Example of Design Changes That Made the EXAR-1 the World's Only "Real" Electric Automobile
Of Noteworthy Mention
Conclusion -
$180 Million Dollar Contract With the People's Republic of China (PRC), Takes Its Toll...
Radio and TV Host Quits While On Live Show Flies to Chicago to Help
The Government
Pictures Including...
Chicago Automobile Show
Sterling Moss
Walter Payton
Pat Boone
Somebody Up There Doesn't Like AMECTRAN ...WHO?
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