This is what the EXAR-1 looked like AFTER the United States Government motor, no electronics, no computers...totally gutted...the beautiful car destroyed before it could be sent to the People's Republic of China, who had purchased a license to manufacture it for $180,000,000 (one-hundred eighty million) U.S. Dollars.

Not only a beautiful electric automobile lost to the world, but also the 34 years that would certainly have advanced technology in batteries, etc., far beyond what is available today (2014) - cell phone advancement is a good example of how the EXAR-1 could have improved - as well as how much technology we have lost.
The interesting thing about the EXAR-1 was, that the pictures never did the car justice. When seen in person, the car was as beautiful as any foreigh exotic costing 7 or 8 times more; as well as the fact, that the EXAR-1 sported advances in technology that even the most expensive automobiles in the world would not have for many years in the future - and in most cases, still don't provide them.