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Four Door and SUV
In a couple of years, or more, after you have owned your EXAR-1 you may wish to update your car to a different style,  something like the ones pictured below.  Designs such as these (and those of the future), never before available  (except to those persons willing to pay a great deal money just to own one), now,  economically available to  everyone as the result  of  Amectran's introduction of the non-disposal automobile.           
An electric  automobile  that  will  last  for 75  to 100 years; one easily maintained. Electronics and replaceable parts kept up to date  by  Amectran's  advanced  technology .  This new  system will  assist in allowing the electric automobile industry to evolve, just as rapidly  as cellophane  technology  has  moved  the  world  into a new  communications medium.  As  that  technology  has   moved  forward,  so will Amectran  take us to the new future of Automobile manufacturing and design. 
The Following Represent Replacement Bodies You Might See On A Future EXAR-1 Chassis. 
No Need To Waste Money Buying A Whole New Car!